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Conférence sur les apprentissages à l'âge adulte par Geneviève Petitpierre
Date of post : 02/02/2016 12:51:51
En collaboration avec l'ARIST, nous avons organisée une soirée conférence sur les apprentissages à l'âge adulte par les personnes avec une déficience intellectuelle, le 29/01/2016 sur le campus de Grenoble.

Présentation de l’intervenante

Geneviève Petitpierre est chargée de cours dans les Universités de Fribourg et de Genève, et chargée d’enseignement à l’Université d ...
Presentation of our work in Vienna
Date of post : 09/09/2015 17:46:30

We will be presenting our work on auditory-visual perception of speech produced by people with Down Syndrome on September 13th at the FAAVSP 2015 conference (1st Joint Conference on Facial Analysis, Animation and Auditory-Visual Speech Processing) which will take place in Vienna, Austria from September 11th to September 13th. You can find the abstr ...

Presentation of our work in Glasgow
Date of post : 01/09/2015 15:30:52

Marion presented our study on vowel production by young adults with Down Syndrome (DS) at the International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS - held in Glasgow, Scotland last August (10-14). ICPhS is an international conference which takes place every four years and bring together researchers working on phone ...

An article: "We Want Respect": Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Address Respect in Research
Date of post : 15/08/2015 15:42:59
Katherine E. McDonald is an Associate Professor at the Department of Psychology of Portland University, Oregon, USA. Her research aims at understanding and encouraging social integration of handicaped people, in particular people with an intellectual deficiency. She develops a participative research involving the people concerned in order to take their opinions into account.

In an ...

The booklet of the ComEns project
Date of post : 13/08/2015 12:50:38

In order to make our research work we conduct within the ComEns project more accessible, we decided to provide the people interested with a booklet describing the project in an accessible way, particularly to the people with an intellectual deficiency who can read.


To design the booklet, we follow ...