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AAIDD - American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
The American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD) is the oldest association of professionals devoted to this type of handicap. It was created in 1876 and changed names five times since. It involves American members but also members from over 50 other countries. AAIDD publishes three scientific journals as well as books, evaluation tools... It participes in the definition of the ICD-11 (International Classification of Diseases) by giving its opinion especially in the choice of terminologies on intellectual deficiency (Tassé et al. 2013, AAIDD Proposed Recommendations for ICD–11 and the Condition Previously Known as Mental Retardation , Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Vol. 51, Nº2, 127-131). It defends the rights of people with an intellectual deficiency as well as their social integration and participation.

CELL - Center for Early Literacy Learning
The CELL (Center for Early Literacy Learning) is an initiative of the Orelena Hawks Puckett Institute in North Carolina, USA ( It is funded by the American government and aims at promoting early literacy from birth to the age of 5. CELL’s website provides ressources for parents,n professionals, teachers and any other person taking care of a child with a deficiency or a developmental delay.

The CHANGE association
CHANGE is a Britich association employing people with intellectual deficiencies who co-direct and participate in the associations work with equivalent salary, status and responsibilities than their « ordinary » colleagues. The website of the association provides numerous ressources especially guides for designing communication documents adapted to people with an intellectual deficiency. The association offers its expertise to people, organizations... and hopes to develop these types of documents.

Communication Matters
Communication Matters is a UK-wide organisation committed to supporting people of all ages who find communication difficult because they have little or no speech. Their website provides information on methods of communication which can be used to supplement the more usual methods of speech and writing : Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).
Communication Matters is also the UK Chapter of ISAAC (International Society of Augmentative and Alternative Communication).

Having a « different » child
Website (in French) around childhood and handicap