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'Turbulences': the ways and mean to make space for difference

Date of post : 14/11/2014 17:26:24
The ARIST organized a visit, in which we participated, of the theater company and the ESAT-SAS Turbulences. This visit took place in the framework of the PIPS project of the ARIST. Established in 1992, the Turbulences association results from the meeting of Philippe Ducan, stage director and psychologist and Howard Buten, authors of "quand j'avais 5 ans, je m'ai tué" (when I was 5, I killed myself). Turbulences is a theater company involving people with autism and related disorders. In 2007, the association created, in the 17th borough of Paris, in the middle of the buildings and right next to the peripheral highway (Porte de Champerret), a place of art and culture where different artists blossom through different media. Turbulences is also an ESAT-SAS, a workplace structured around several workshops (fine arts, sewing, cooking, infography...) and event organisation. You will find all the information on their website, as well as videos and pictures of the creations. In short, Turbulences is a place where everyone can find a mean to express herself and find a place through expression and originality whichever the activity.
Keywords : Autism;ESAT;SAS;Arts
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