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The ComEns project at Vivre FM
Date of post : 17/11/2014 15:30:40

We were invited to present the ComEns project in the "Recherche et Partage" (research and sharing) show of the local parisian radio Vivre FM . This show was launched by the FIRAH.

Three people of the ARIST association came with us and we took advantage of the trip to Paris to visit the ESAT/SAS of the associa ...

'Turbulences': the ways and mean to make space for difference
Date of post : 14/11/2014 17:26:24
The ARIST organized a visit, in which we participated, of the theater company and the ESAT-SAS Turbulences. This visit took place in the framework of the PIPS project of the ARIST. Established in 1992, the Turbulences association results from the meeting of Philippe Du ...
We need your help!
Date of post : 14/11/2014 17:06:05
* Survey on the communication of French speaking adults and children with Down Syndrome.
* We are looking for children and adults with Down Syndrome to participate in our studies on language and communication of people with Down Syndrome.
The aim of our work is to better understand the co ...
Gest-art : preliminary study for the development of an avatar for our research on children
Date of post : 17/10/2014 15:37:55
Ensimag second year FabLab project : Gest-art : an avatar for language acuiqisition using manual gestures. In the framework of our research on children, we want to develop playful tools to study the role of manual gestures in speech acquisition. We thus supervised a development study project involving second year Ensimag students (computer science engineering; in c ...
Date of post : 08/10/2014 15:01:23
PhonicStick is a speech generating device for people with speech production impairments. Instead of using speech synthesis from text or pictures, PhonicStick uses a joystick. This makes the system easier to use for young children and people who cannot read and/or write. It also makes it possible to generate new words (not learned in a database) much more easily by combining elementary sounds. It i ...