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Presentation of the ComEns project at Vivre FM
Date of post : 14/11/2014 09:39:25
Starting date : 15/11/2014 - Ending date : 15/11/2014
The FIRAH launched a series of 6 radio shows on Vivre FM : "Recherche et Partage » (Research and Sharing). In this framework we were invited with the ARIST to present the ComEns project. The show sill be broadcasted on Saturday November 11th, 2014 on Vivre FM (93.9 in the region of Paris, on the web elsewhere). The shows can be downloaded and followed afterward ...
Les Pas Sages at the Rampe
Date of post : 14/11/2014 10:59:27
Starting date : 10/10/2014 - Ending date : 10/10/2014
The Pas Sages company will be presenting its show "Ambiance Cabaret » at the Rampe in Echirolles at 20h30. This show takes place during the month for accessibility of the Grenoble region.
Defense - Maxime Barnier
Date of post : 07/07/2014 08:02:32
Starting date : 03/07/2014 - Ending date : 03/07/2014
Maxime Barnier worked on designing scenarios and graphical elements for a serious game for our studies on language acquisition in children. Pôle supérieur de Design, Villefontaine, France.
Presentation of the ComEns project at a conference organized by the ARIST association
Date of post : 16/06/2014 18:16:48
Starting date : 02/06/2014 - Ending date : 02/06/2014
Communicative difficulties of people with Down Syndrome (DS) have been neglected by scientific research even though they are omnipresent and have effects on social integration. If early speech therapy has quite developed, a lot remains to be done to better understand the communicative difficulties of people with DS and develop adapted solutions to help them better. This is the issue tackled by the ...
Presentation on the link between speech and gestures in communication
Date of post : 17/06/2014 14:10:18
Starting date : 21/05/2014 - Ending date : 21/05/2014
In the framework of the Voice and Science workshops organized by Nathalie Henrich at Gipsa-lab (, Marion Dohen did a presentation on May, 21st, 2014 entitled: « On the link between speech and manual gestures in the act of communicating ». This presentation explains the role of manual gestures in communication and its links with speech. A video of the presentation is ...